Friday, September 21, 2012

Portrait for a blindish man

      Aww man, things are getting busy. One project at a time. This here was done at the request of a blind man, yep, on top of that he threatened to die before I finished the painting.  Needless to say, in fear of being haunted I hurried up and finished the painting.  So this is a portrait of his dog, Leena. Or at least my interpretation of his dog, I have not really done an animal portrait so it was a bit of a process. Though I would like to keep picking at it, I feel it’s time to move on. I might change some things but for now here it is. Leena became more and more orange as I worked on her, yarg I know better than that. It won’t get into my portfolio but I’m decently happy with it. It’s for a blind guy so I’m sure he will be happy, if not I might be in big trouble.  Check out my new signature though, its hip. Signing my name is something I never been happy with. This painting reminds me of something from Cabella’s.  Ok time to move on, peace.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Like The Trees

      This image was done for a fundraiser journal project. The journal is meant to get passed artist to artist to create a variety of works in one book. Each journal has a theme and for this journal the theme was trees.

      I used this as an excuse to do some experimenting with paint, pencil, ink and tea. The hands where made separately and everything else was done directly into the journal. It may not have been the best place to experiment but thanks to the extra thick paper no damage was done. Phew.

     I like a lot of my work to take place at night. I feel that once the sun is gone the universe is reveled to us and a curtain that was keeping us in is taken away.  We are given room to think and breath. That’s how I feel anyways. If words went with this piece it would be:

“like the trees
I am jealous
of stars who break out of orbit.”

     There will be an exhibit to display and sell the journals. Proceeds will benefit the non-profit Janice Charach Gallery and a charity picked by the last artist who returns the journal.  The opening is scheduled for early November. For more information you can go to