Friday, September 21, 2012

Portrait for a blindish man

      Aww man, things are getting busy. One project at a time. This here was done at the request of a blind man, yep, on top of that he threatened to die before I finished the painting.  Needless to say, in fear of being haunted I hurried up and finished the painting.  So this is a portrait of his dog, Leena. Or at least my interpretation of his dog, I have not really done an animal portrait so it was a bit of a process. Though I would like to keep picking at it, I feel it’s time to move on. I might change some things but for now here it is. Leena became more and more orange as I worked on her, yarg I know better than that. It won’t get into my portfolio but I’m decently happy with it. It’s for a blind guy so I’m sure he will be happy, if not I might be in big trouble.  Check out my new signature though, its hip. Signing my name is something I never been happy with. This painting reminds me of something from Cabella’s.  Ok time to move on, peace.

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