Saturday, November 24, 2012



     What you see here is the cover and first three pages of Snow.  If all goes well I well be picking up my comic from the printers Thursday, just in time for Noel Night (Dec 1) and the open house at City Coffeehouse (Dec 2). It’s a one issue experimental comic. Snow was first done in black pencil and was just about done when I realized it was not going to print as well as I had hoped. So I redid the whole comic with ink pens. Basically I had made this comic twice and am now very glad that it is done.

     It was interesting to see how the inking came out. The inking was done not too much larger than the actual comic printing size, and this allowed me to do a lot of little detail lines quickly. The art in Snow was made particularly for Snow. Trees help to create the bounding boxes and the fairly large amount of negative space help create a feel of openness and snow everywhere. Maybe the negative space can give the viewer room to think, it can also make for nice composition. In other words, snow is white so there is a lot of white space. I was trying to go for that weird feeling when everything is covered in snow, everything is quiet, like you’re in another world. Black and white work well with Snow, I don’t think I would do it in color if I had the choice.

    I’m crossing my fingers that Snow will be available for sale soon with bonus material and I am also working to have it available to read on my web site.  Snow will be my very first complete comic! Story and art by your truly!!

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