Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Finished Viper Girl book!

     It’s been a while but I have many new things coming out on the horizon. What I would like to bring to your attrition today is Viper Girl by Tony Saylor. Viper Girl is a spunky young girl who finds herself in unusual and silly circumstances and is often needed to save the day. I illustrated the 3rd book “Viper Girl Kicks Canadian Robottom.”  It’s a fun and goofy read full of giant robots, spleen rockets, and Canada. I would recommend it for anyone who loves wacky action packed stories. 

     Of course I had fun working on it. I love Tony’s humorous style and the fun cartoony-ness of it all. Viper girl and Logan (her fox pup companion) were all of Tony’s design and I just needed to bring them to life.  The inside is full to the brim of vibrant illustrated images that were drawn out and inked by hand and then colored on the computer, much like a comic book. 

     Viper Girl Kicks Canadian Robottom is available on Amazon.  Also available are the first 2 Viper Girl issues.  There will also be a book signing coming up in July, details to come.

 Click here to view the book on Amazon!


News on the second Sam Curious book coming soon! Keep your eye out!

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