Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jinx! A New Comic!


Jinx is a science fiction fantasy adventure. Written by Aimee Anderson, drawn by me. It’s full of action, space ships, and mystery. I don’t even know what’s going to happen next! The main character is Jinx: a lovely lady who knows how to kick butt. Jinx is on a mysterious quest to find a mysterious professor, but of course she is not the only one looking for the professor and finds herself being hunted as well. To find out why you’ll have to read the comic.

Jinx is the first long term comic I have worked on and I believe the series to be about 12 issues long. As always, new projects come with new challenges. This is also the first comic I have worked on that has words, so I was introduced to the whole world of fonts and word balloons and all the odds and ends that go into it; way more odds and ends then I would have thought.  Thank goodness for youtube videos and people who like to share their know-how. 

Did I mention Jinx is making her debut at Detroit Fan Fair?! (I have a booth; how exciting! More about that later.) So if you’re there, stop by and say hi. 

Also here is a web site you can visit to learn more about Jinx and other projects Aimee has going on

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