Thursday, November 14, 2013

OVIBE Response

The night of OVIBE I came home shaking due to espressos and adrenalin from the art competition,( I get nervous easily) which means it was a great time!

I’m not much for painting on the spot so I relied on my drawing ability for this one. It’s also less messy as I tend to get paint everywhere when I work. Below you can find what I came up with in 2 hrs.

This was my first on the spot art competition so as soon as I knew this was going to happen I began to think up strategies. A theme was going to be chosen at random so it could have been anything. My back up plan was if all else fails I will draw an old man out at sea. That seems symbolic to most things. Longing, faith, truth; you can find all of this looking at a picture of an old man at sea. 

The theme turned out to be “sudden change.” So an old man being flipped over in a boat: Brilliant right? My system worked!  But I felt more like drawing little girls and not old men so the drawing developed into what you see. A girl on her island reading a book drinking tea with her dog; it’s her little world. Then all of a sudden this crazy lion fish thing flips her world over. That’s a sudden change.

However I did not win. The winner was a painting of the ground splitting with a torso-less women standing over the giant crack. You first see the ground opening up then you look up and see some legs but then, bam! No torso. That’s a sudden change. Can’t beat that.

All the projects were cleaver and nothing I could have come up with. You can go to this link to find picture of what happened that night and some of the other art works. Link!

The poetry was also excellent.  The use of words was marvelous and presentation was superb. And I got to listen to it the whole time I worked. It was just so great; I gotta get back into that environment.

There was also a dancer, yeah, you can imagine, totally cool.

So that was my Friday. It was good.
The great photos of OVBIE were taken by Matt Campbell and he was gracious to allow me to use them.
 You can find more of his work at M.Campbell Photography on face book. Check it out!
(click images to enlarge)

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